Family and Friends

We love including photos taken by family and friends in Your Wedding Album. 

After all who knows you better than those that are close to you.

Photographs taken by family and friends do work best alongside those of a professional photographer.  A professional photographer will not be distracted by your guests and will ensure all those special moments are captured.  They also have the tools, experience and knowledge to work with difficult lighting and capture beautiful special moments.

Where however you are confident that your family or friend has the equipment and experience to photograph your Wedding day, we can help deliver to you the best result 🙂

Often professional photographers spend considerable hours after your wedding day editing your images.  This can include but is not limited to correcting exposures, highlights, shadows, clarity, colour, cropping and removing duplicates.  It is a process that is very time consuming and requires skills and specialist software.  Although your family or friend may enjoy being part of your Special Day and photographing your Wedding day, they may fall short in the final delivery of your wedding photos.  That is where we can help.  Deliver to us your wedding photos in a “Raw” state and we will work our magic just like we do for Professional Photographers.

Talk to us about how you can get the best result from your friend of family member photographing your wedding.



A few things to consider when employing a friend or family member to photograph your Wedding day 

Do they have the equipment to capture your photographs in high definition “Raw”

  • Most amateur photographers will take photographs in .jpeg or .png format.  In this format your camera is automatically compressing the photographic image removes a lot of the detail we would enjoy when enhancing your image for the best possible effect.  Ensure they know and are able to set there camera to take both .jpeg or .png and Raw images.



  • Although there is no doubt that your friend or family member can take a beautiful photo (you’ve seen them yourself), it’s important to ensure that they know all those special moments you would like captured.  A professional photographer with their ample experience of weddings can anticipate every moment and ensure they are ready to be there to capture it.


Post Production

  • You only need to have a quick look at our “Image Editing” page to see the difference great post production can make to your wedding photos.  Does your friend or family member have the software and the time required to turn your wedding photos from now into “wow”.