100% Australian handmade, layflat albums

All our albums are hand-made and crafted using traditional bookbinding techniques in Brisbane, Australia. This provides a quality end product which we can confidently provide a life-time guarantee for. Our wedding albums are built to last for generations.

Our albums are designed to lay-flat which provides the ultimate view of our wedding photos across a double page spread.

Our pages are traditional photographic lustre prints which are exposed on Kodak Professional Premier Endura VC Digital Paper which has an archival life of 200 years.
Using a high density specialty card ensures that our pages are strong and rigid but also sleek enough to hold up to 80 pages.

Your Wedding Day is one of the most momentous occasions of your life.  One that you will want to remember and share with family and friends not only today but for generations to come.  Your memories therefore deserved to be preserved in a quality wedding album.

The quality of our Flushmount albums is far superior to regular photobooks that are mass produced in every aspect.

Flushmount albums are hand-crafted providing a number of benefits including durability, lay-flat design, thick pages, rigidity and printing quality.  Your Wedding Day memories deserve the best !

quality … durability … timeless

The modern wedding album is made for your enjoyment and durability. Similar to a print hung on your wall, our albums should remain in the center of your home to be enjoyed regularly with family and friends.

Our Flushmount albums are handcrafted in Brisbane by a highly skilled bookbinder. Their superior quality and craftmanship will ensure you are enjoying your wedding day for generations to come.


The use of high density specialty card not only ensures the pages are strong but provides for a timeless look and feel.

The pages on our Flushmount albums will remain rigid and firm, ensuring that they always retain their shape.

Photo paper comes in many different varieties and qualities.  We use Kodak Professional Premier Digital Paper which has an archival life of 200 years.

lay-flat design

Our Flushmount albums allow for flat page opening.  Digital photography has revolutionized how we now enjoy our Wedding day photographs. Spectacular panoramic photographs, edge to edge printing and flexibility in photo placement takes your Wedding photos from Now to “WOW”.

page protection

The pages on our Flushmount albums have a coating that protects them from spillages. Simply wipe off spillages and leave the page open to dry.

cover materials

Our handcrafted wedding albums are made with the finest materials available.

Covered in Full-Grain leather you can be assured that your album will age beautifully and remain a timeless classic.

For a more contemporary feel upgrade your album to include an acrylic cover.