Our services

Providing a quality service to the modern Bride and Groom also requires providing a quality wedding album.

For the professional photographer that can be a challenging requirement to fill along with all the other demands of running a business.

Let us help take your business to the next level by creating a “finished product” for your clients that they can proudly share with their family and friends.

Cull images and photo editing to your target number

Remove duplicates and unwanted photos
Correct images for exposures, clarity, highlights and shadows

Wedding Album Design

Custom designed wedding albums to artistically display Your Professional Photos
Only pay for the album pages you would like your client to view
$10 for each spread

Flushmount Wedding Albums

Handmade in Australia
Lifetime guaranteed

It’s Easy

Collate and Send us Your Photos

Once you have completed your Client’s Wedding photos post production.  Or perhaps you would like us to help with your post production also.

Choose whether you would like to upload your photographs to Dropbox

Alternatively …

Contact us and for a small deposit of $30 we will send you one of our USBs in a stamped self-addressed envelope.  This charge will then be deducted off the total cost of Your Wedding Album.

Decide the size of Your Wedding Album

We find that landscape albums present the story of Your Wedding Photos the best !  Landscape designs provide for that “wow” factor for your favourite photo spread across two pages in spectacular panorama format.  So it’s an easy selection between our two most popular album size of 14″x10″ or 10″x8″ albums.

Album Design

Your client’s wedding album will be designed with your professional photographs.

Once complete an email with a link to an online gallery will be sent for your revision.  It’s easy to make changes or provide comments with our Album workshop software.  Only pay for the layouts you will deliver to your client.

Your album design cost includes one round of revisions.  Additional revisions are $10 per layout.

Your Clients Album Workshop

Once you have approved your album layouts, our link can then be sent to your client for revision.  One round of revision is then included in the cost of your layouts.  Additional revisions are then charged at $10 per layout.

Alternatively psds and jpgs can be supplied to you for your own in-house album workshop.