THE CLIENT (Referred to as “We”)

1. Booking – We authorise the Your Wedding Album to arrange for our photographs to be digitally enhanced and printed in a Wedding Album.

2. Order Letter – We have received, read and understand the Studio’s price list and order letter, which we confirm for our wedding album, on payment of the deposit/booking fee. We agree that payment of the initial deposit/booking fee confirms the booking with Our Wedding Album as per the details shown in this order.

3. Payments – We agree to pay the full balance prior to Your Wedding Album placing an order for printing with our bookbinder.  Failure to do so gives Your Wedding Album the right to retain your deposit and refuse to arrange for your wedding album to be printed.

4. Album Approval – We agree to finalise all album changes within 12 weeks of being delivered the first draft of your Wedding Album  otherwise studio surcharges will apply to reflect current day prices and overheads in delaying the process.

5. Album Workshop – We acknowledge that we may have as many changes to the proposed album design at the workshop which although not limited by time, is defined as two versions of your Wedding Album.  Any additional meetings or changes requested over the internet, email, telephone or are considered in addition to these two workshops and are charged at an additional cost of $10 per page.

6.  Additional pages – Where the clients select to print more than 10 pages / 20 sides in their wedding album, and additional charge of $20 for a 10”x8” album and $25 per page for a 14”x10” album will be incurred.

7. Guarantee – As the photographs and albums made by the Studio are manufactured with the finest materials currently available, Your Wedding Album unconditionally guarantees them. The guarantee does not extend to any misuse of prints, albums and materials including water or moisture damage and improper handling, which would render the warranty void. This warranty is on a “back to base” service where the client is responsible for safe delivery and pick up. Refer to warranty limitations below for  leather, Perspex and hand made products.

8. Leather Option – The quality of leather album cover sets is of the highest Australian quality for hard wearing characteristics and longevity. Each piece of leather is different and as a natural product will contain small irregularities which are not considered imperfections. Over the course of decades the grain and folds in the leather will become more apparent showing the character of the leather and this is considered.

9. In the event of cancellation of your Wedding Album Design we agree that deposit monies paid will be forfeited unless in cases of genuine provable hardship.

10. Copyright – On acceptance of our Terms and Conditions The Client accepts all responsibility that they retain the Copyright to the images supplied.  Your Wedding Album will not be held liable for any indirect, incidental or punitive damages arising out of Your Wedding Album reproducing those images, digitally enhancing those images or reproducing those images on Your Wedding Album’s website.  Your Wedding Album retains the right to use those photographs for self promotion. If the client wishes for the photographs not to be shown for self promotion, the client must advise this in writing and obtain confirmation from Your Wedding Album in writing.

11. Digital files supplied – It is the responsibility of The Client to backup all images supplied to Your Wedding Album prior to sending them via USB or upload to Dropbox.   All digital files will be kept on file by the studio for a period of three years

12. Orders and Non Payment – (a) All orders are to be placed within twelve weeks of delivery of the first draft of Your Wedding Album.

12.(b) All orders should be paid in full prior to your order being sent to the Bookbinder for printing.

12.(c) Any freight, postage, storage, insurance and debt collection is the responsibility of The Client.

13.  The quality of any acrylic covers and wall print is of the highest quality (Perspex). This is a product that needs to be cared for and can scratch with misuse. Any scratches are not covered by the warranty. When new, small irregularities may occur between the print and the Perspex such as tiny air bubbles which usually dissipate over time and these are normal and are not considered imperfections.

14. Hand made products – Every finished product sold by the studio is hand made in Brisbane for quality and longevity and reflects the traditional skill of book binding and picture framing. By the nature of hand made products, each album or finished print may differ very slightly in size and feel. Albums pages are protected against natural oils in one’s hand rending the use of white gloves unnecessary,  however occasionally the protective layer contains tiny irregularities which are considered normal.

15. Delivery –  Where the Studio will be unable to meet the promised guidelines of delivery of album and design and wedding album, the Studio will not be held liable to provide compensation to the Client.  The delivery dates are meant as a guideline only and we can’t be held responsible where there is a delay in available materials.  Your Wedding Album will keep the client informed should a delay in delivery be forseen.

16. Limited Liability – Your Wedding Album shall carry out this assignment with due and professional diligence. Elements beyond Your Wedding Albums control include faulty material, equipment failure, postal delays, loss or damage of  film/photos/negatives, industrial disputes, civil disturbances, or weather conditions or accidental happenings or misunderstandings which may inhibit or prevent the Studio completing in whole or in part this assignment. In this case the Studio shall not be liable for its complete performance of the assignment. It is agreed that the liability of the Studio shall be limited to be a refund of any money paid under this agreement which shall be in full & final satisfaction of any damage or loss suffered.